[Contest] Without Laziness we...

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Should I host more stupid contests like this?

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  1. So recently, my friends and I had a very interesting discussion regarding laziness. After a while, we got into a sort of discussion about how we would die if there was no laziness. So basically, how the contest works is, think of the most CREATIVE story you can about how we would all die (Or how the world would end) if we didn't have laziness. The story can be about anything at all as long as it involves laziness, basically.

    Of course, a contest wouldn't be complete without rewards. Rewards will be picked based on the top three most creative stories people can come up with, and the stories will be judged by myself and my other friends that were part of this originally.
    1st: One Dancer Egg

    2nd: One EMC Birthday Cake

    3rd: One Headless Horseman Mask

    The contest will end on March 1st, 2015 and the winners of the contest will be decided some time within that week. Good luck!
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  2. Too lazy to write...
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  3. I am too lazy to write, but I will do it anyway.
    If, we did not have laziness the world would be an awful place. Mostly because of space junk. If people were not lazy, the annual space races (ya know, try to get to the moon, within the decade). These races required the launching of very sophisticated rockets. These rockets would cause a massive build-up of space debris around earth, blocking the sun, and causing people to work themselves to death, because the sun would deregulate their sleep patterns, and, well, cause death.
    The end! :)
  4. I'll plan to write one, if I'm not lazy or forget...