Contest To Win Rupees!!!

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  1. I want to make a residence where you can win loads of rupees on slot machines, lotterys. I have allready started and now I need a graphics logo/signiture. I know loads of you out there are good at this sort of thing and the best one will win rupees! Donations for the prize money is appreciated very much as it will help you, me, and the one lucky winner! The contest ends in 30th June GBST I will allow entrys up to a week later but theey may be judged more harshly! please donate by paying wipple4 rupees and it will be added on to the prize fund! Please leave a comment below if you have donated! Post the entrys in a comment below aswell! The res number is 855 on smp1 max jackpots are 5k!

    Reccomended Program -


    1st Place - 9,411r - Badge

    Im putting in 5k to kick thins off! so we have a BIG prize now!

    Lieflander - 1r
    FlevasGR - 10r
    mrknaaijer - 400r
    oidgod - 1,000r
    Red_Mystery - 3,000r
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  2. I donated...
  3. Here's my entry. Please don't judge it too harshly, I'm still new to Photoshop. :) Wipple4 Games.png
  4. i donated
  5. Great for a begginer but i want something with a bit more oomph
  6. What will the res number be? And what server?

    EDIT: I made one, all I need to complete it is the res number and the server.
  7. Ok, I know that this is after the deadline, but since there is only one other entry, I figured that it might be OK. I made the attached picture:
    I know that the res # and SMP are replaced with underspaces; I will fix this when you give me the res # and server.

  8. WOW!
  9. Thanks. What's the res # and server?
  10. sig-for-wipple4.jpg
    Do I win yet?

    EDIT: This is the edited version, with the res # and SMP.
  11. not yet
  12. Oh you edited it for the deadline to be in July. Did you like my ad?
  13. One problem i dont think it will be big enough for a signicture can u enlarge it?
  14. It's actually bigger that you saw it as that was just a thumbnail.
  15. This is the actual size:
  16. wow i will donate
  17. thats fine the bigger the better
  18. Can you shorten the deadline please? If you do, you will get people coming sooner.