[CONTEST] The Redstone Device!

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  1. Ok, it's time for a contest! Make any redstone contraption, and provide a map download, or make a video.

    No Mods.
    Must have Redstone. (You don't say :p)
    Must be something that would either help you in Survival, or be a fun little mini-game.

    Now, Prizes!

    Ill Add some more stuff later :p remember, TNT goes for ~40r a pop.

    We need at least 20 Entries! Entries end 10 days after 20 entries and after Aug. 15!

    Good Luck!
  2. Here's my entry.

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  3. Just a tree and stone gen count?
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  5. if it follows the rules, yep.
  6. There's a potion machine at my res,2303,that I'm entering.
  7. finally got something to submit, its a one-of-a-kind, patent pending...

    2 of my semi auto tree farms, an oakinator that'll grow 8 oak at a time, and a 'tall' tree farm that'll grow pine, birch or jungle, producing 7 or 8 wood per tree on average, and only using 5 to 10 bone per tree usually, here's the picture tutorial for the tall tree with a world download that has 3 designs on it (ignore the middle design, it is the older slower version)

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