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  1. Guess What another contest!!!!
    Anyways this time all servers will have a chance to win!
    Who has the BEST casino on each server???
    Plz submit ur casino with the following info:
    What server:_____
    and i will check it out!!!
    only 1st place will be given an award (rupees, and achievement) on each server!
    2nd place will get a achievement on each server!
    There will be special judges who will vote on the casino!

    1st: 4000r, achievement
    2nd: achievement

    Plz enter, entering will close in 1 week!!!! Then judging will take about 1 week-1 month according to how many people submit!

    Plz also donate to me! So the prizes next time will be a bit more!
  2. Oh man, my casino isn't done yet! :(
  3. its ok..!!!! u can tell me and i could give u an exception!
  4. I won't even participate in this since the original and best is sure to win, so it would be an unfair fight for me ;)

    The contest should be renamed to "Best Ripoff of the Majestic Casino by gtabmx and Mr_Greer".

    I know I am being arrogant, but I'm till irked that I've been ripped off several times over. But I guess we all need pioneers don't we?

  5. LOL gta! i got to say ur casino is one of the best... (the best) :D
  6. because no one is particapating i will close this contest and i will hope to get it out on the main site!
  7. Bit of ego? xD
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  8. maybe wait until the current competition is over, i think they both overlap a lot as i imagine casinos use a lot of redstone contraptions.
  9. The good ones do :p
  10. HAHAH LOL!