[CONTEST] The Building of a Labyrinth

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  1. CONTEST: The Building of a Labyrinth

    What it is:
    This is a contest to see who can build the most inventive, the most original, and the absolute most awesome underground base ever built!

    Nothing may be built above ground except a 30 x 30 x 30 cube over the MAIN entrance to the base.
    The tunnel system may be as big and complex as you wish.
    You can make any of the following, combine some of them, or create a new idea!
    Military Base
    Nuclear Apocalypse Shelter
    And anything you can create!


    1st Place: One Copy of Crisis 2 Maximum Edition for Steam
    2nd Place: 15,000r
    3rd Place: 8,000r

    If you wish to make donations to the Prize Pool please contact me in a private PM!

    Entry Submission:

    Please post below with either a link to a place where I can download you map, or directly attach you map to the post


    You have until February 9, 2014 to submit your entries!

    IF you have any questions or comments please post below :)
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  2. Quick question: Does it have to be on the server or could it be single player?
  3. It has to be SP
  4. I'll start building soon :)
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  5. Question: Are we allowed to use command blocks?
  6. For what use?
  7. Well... that's what I'm asking lol.

    I was thinking mostly logic and player interaction, but maybe teleporting and spawn-setting as well.
    I guess I'm just asking whether we can use things exclusive to creative mode, or if it has to be rebuild-able in survival.
  8. In that case it's alright :)
  9. We have to reach at least 8 submissions before we can declare the contest officially started!
  10. What exactly is it for...?
    I'd like to know so I have a general idea of well an idea :p
  11. Just a contest really