[Contest] The 9139 Contest!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Hello EMC!

    In this contest I want you to rebuild any part of the res 9139! Use the world save, build it, send it back to me. The prizes are listed below.

    1st - 10k!
    2nd - 2.5k!
    3rd - Maybe!

    Download the world save.
    Click Here - Download (File > Download)
    Click Here - Virus Report

    Form showing your applying:
    What your going to change? (Like part, spawn, second floor, etc.):

    Any questions please ask!
  2. (adds a lava wall)
    I "improved" the exterior! ;)

    In seriousness, are there any limits on what we can or can't include? I don't think my idea of bedrock everywhere would work... :p
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  3. if you don't like my changes, i can always edit your face. had to say it xD
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  4. Hmm..I have the feeling you are doing this to change your shop..
    *changes everything to 1 rupee* :p
  5. Only the best will win! (as you know ;))
  6. B-b-bu-but no! I thought the worst one won. :(
  7. Sorry Alex, gotta look good ;)