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  1. Hey Guys
    Today i bring you all a contest.
    I've these 5 residence (currently working on the full 3x3 combo)
    I need suggestions for the buildings, and whoever posts the best wins.
    As you can see, i have 5 empty residence, but 1011 is already planned as being a museum, so i just need the 4 ideas for the 4 corner residences.
    Please include details, requests, please provide as much information as possible regarding what you are suggesting.


    1st: 20,000R
    2nd: 15,000R
    3rd: 7500r
    4th: 5000r

    Current Entries:
    nick5013: Melons
    finch_rocks_1: Casino/Gardens
    SILVERMAN2: Public Shearing
    sambish20: Massive Public Utility
    FDNY21: Casino/Public Utility Hall/Faith Inc. HQ
    stephan9r9r: Redstone residence/Aquarium with a mace/Movie Inspiried Res
  2. Reserved for Winners
  3. Melon pyramid.
    Or anything to do with melons.
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  4. Why not build a Casino one one of them where people can go and gamble, just like the one Happyshopper had a long time ago, Or why not build some builds like the hanging gardens. If you like these i will give more info.
  5. How about something that people actually use like a sheep shearing farm. There are tons of people always after places like that.
  6. Build a massive public utility building with all the malls and stuff.
  7. High stakes Casino
    Lower Casino
    Public Utilities hall
    Possibly a HQ with some nice scenery e.g. fountains :)
  8. Idea 1.
    A redstone themed res. You could have all kinds of little redstone contraptions, teleports to areas on the res where it tells you to build them, and then have a shop selling everything redstone and redstone related. You could use it as a way to teach the basics of redstone to new players.

    Idea 2.
    A "shark tank" or aquarium. Create a giant square tank, have all kinds of squid and make some other fish out of wool inside, then cover it all with water and make a tunnel or maze through the middle or something to show it off from the inside.

    Idea 3.
    A scene from a really good movie. Some that come to mind are Matrix, Star Wars, and Back to the Future. You could have just a large wool structure covering the entire thing, like a large Death Star, or a giant flying Delorean with a complete interior. Or any other movies you may think of.
  9. I giant full res skyscraper that has public utilities like sheep on 1 layer auto farms on another and maybe a hotel/casino as well this would be grand and huge.

    a beach. I do not need to say anymore.
  10. Could make like, a super water-filled res, with suspended islands that are submerged but still have air in them. That'd be pretty cool. Could have water tunnels connecting into each residence as well.
  11. A puzzle-themed res that would be the talk of EMC for years to come. I'm talking mazes, parkour, everything.
  12. Horse track! We need a new one! :)
  13. Sexy storage?
  14. Well, you could make a sculpture museum. A big, colorful, creative building with lots of paintings, and then make a lot of little sculptures that take advantage of things like flow flags, heads, slabs, etc. You could even hold a contest where the top five-ten small scultpures get to be in your museum. I dunno. You could have a floor for a lobby, a floor for redstone sculptures, a floor for liquid sculptures, a floor for nature sculptures... just a wacky idea I haven't seen anywhere.
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  15. I think that a giant stone statue would look good there... maybe something similar to this
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  16. 1. A game section. (Includes mazes, casinos, spleen, parlour, connect 4, etc.)
    2. Hotel (Make different rooms with different rates for people to stay at.)
    3. Mega mall (Make a gaint mall with different floors to accompany all the items you want to sell. It can be all different sizes as the bottom floor being the biggest and getting small as floors go up. As the floors go up, you can make a porch to go along with them. This consept can be used for the hot as well.
    4. A nice theme park (Make rides and attractions for people ro come to and play with. Like roller coasters, mini golf, pools, water slides, etc.)

    If I have more ideas ill come back.
  17. I have a few ideas:
    1. The Olympics (Might be not a good time with none coming up)
    2. A faithcaster Temple
    3. Cool clip art. Like maybe some water with whales and sharks (Wool) swiming in it with maybe like a pirate ship or a wool boat the u could spawn in. Kinda like whale watching with wool whales and you could sell fishing rods.
    4. A faithcaster castle with a moat and alligator wool art in it
    5. A giant faithcaster statue with the "faithcaster golden gate bridge" circling it
    6. A villager town

    If you have any questions faith (about my ideas) pm me in game or on the forms.
    And remember EMC, Stay Classy
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  18. I remember before I left my friend virstis has a water res with big glass spheres suspended in it that had little shops and such in it.
    Also, maybe a nice res that just showcases a few nice builds, and maybe a statue or two like ice_lightning mentioned
  19. I think you should make an epic casino! There's not many good casinos out there, and it would be awesome to have one :) Something like PThagaard's casino :D
  20. I think a huge oak tree covering almost the entire residence would look amazing. Of course it would just be for decorative purposes. But, you could also build a tree house in it, that would have a view of all your builds.