[Contest] Spooktastic Halloween Skin Making Contest

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do a contest! So, this is a Skin Contest! Good luck to all :D

    How does the contest work?
    Well, it's very easy! All you need to do is create a Minecraft Skin! You can do it on any website/app you like! (I suggest http://minecraftskins.com for computer skins and Skin Seed for app skins)

    Starts: 4:59 EMC Time, October 13nth. (2015)
    Ending: 4:59 EMC Time, October 27nth. (2015)

    How do we show you the skin?
    Well, I need a template of it! The way to get me the template is by PMing the template! (A template is where it shows the skin but is not the full skin, omg this is hard to explain just look at the picture!)
    The Picture: [EXAMPLE]

    PM me link: emc.gs/conversations

    Who can enter?
    Anyone can enter! The submission from is already up there. (And by submission I mean how to enter). The only people that cannot participate are in-game banned people. They also have to show me the skin that they made in-game.

    What does the skin have to be?
    The skin has to be something halloween. It cannot be the following:
    • Cute Girl/Cute Boy
    • Any Minecraft Mobs
    If it is one those, you'll be banned from the competition unless proven we can give you 1 more chance.

    In the first comment.

  2. How do you plan on paying the tokens?
  3. I'm curious to know how you will transfer tokens to the winners? :)
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  4. Umm.. there's a command bruh.
  5. And what is it?
  6. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is possible for players to xfer tokens to other players.