[Contest] Show your photoshop skills.

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  1. Hey Empire Peeps

    Welcome to KJH Inc Photoshop Contest Thread.

    Terms and Conditions

    Every month their will be a Photoshop Contest. Every Month will have a certain picture you would need to create. For Example December I would like you to create your own Xbox One cover. (This isnt this month event).

    How do I submit my picture?
    Simple private message me as Subject "My Submission." and post your picture in the PM. I would save it on my documents ready for the deadline submission.

    I can't get photoshop? :(
    Don't worry you can use paint or other resources to make your photos or maybe you draw it on paper as a sketch. I highly recommended you download Photoshop.

    What do I get if I win?
    Every person gets 500r for their submission but your pictures must match the criteria.
    If I see you have actually put more effort than others and really dedicated a lot of their time on it then I would increase the reward.

    There is also 3 winners that get extra rewards such as more rupees, promos etc.
    I do accept donations they would be split with the winners and please mail me saying "I've donated [Amount]."

    These are all based on your Minecraft avatars.

    This Contest would have an different type of event every month.

    This contest will start of with September.

    September Contest
    Minecraft Avatar with your favourite car.
    This contest is pretty much and simple put your Minecraft avatar with your favourite car.

    How do I do this?

    Get a picture of your favourite car and put your Minecraft avatar with your favourite car. You can put the avatar anyway in the picture but make it noticeable in the picture.

    Deadline: 30 September 11:59 Emc time
    KJH on top of a Subaru Impreza.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread and I'll answer them :)

    Good Luck Everyone
  2. I'd be down to enter this, I'll put my pic here when I'm finished.
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  3. Can I try to do the same thing but without PS? I don't have photoshop :p
  4. Interesting, may try something this week.
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  6. Don't you have to buy PS?
  7. ..uhh.. not necessarily ;)
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  8. After months of trying, I've given up on trying to get PS for free :p
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  9. Here's a hint:

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  10. *ahem* no talk bout bad things.
    If you need some sort of graphics editing software but cannot procure a legal copy...

    GIMP is free and works well. http://www.gimp.org/

    Another cheaper alternative is paint shop pro. An oem copy of this can be had for under 50 bucks. Usually a bit cheaper if you google it and then look around for good sources of it.

    Lets not bring this thread in a direction so suggest we do bad things...
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