[Contest] Shop design idea with prize!

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  1. We need your ideas to come up with a good super shop look (has to fit on a 60 x 60 res)! The most exciting thing is the winner gets 500 rupees! Email your ideas to us our email is Ghastlybros@gmail.com. we will choose the picture we like the most and you might get to see your idea!

    1st. place 500r and access to the supplier room that has discounts on many items!
    2nd. place 50r
    3rd. place 1 diamond

    Good luck
    from Thewizar2342 and Iball6119
  2. Make the prize 10k and I'll give you a pretty cool design :D
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  3. ImIm sorry but its only a picture we will only raise it to 600r, its just its only a picture. We would love to have your idea please send it in :D
  4. Possibly, if I get time, I doubt it though :)
  5. One good thing is you get access to the supplier part of the super store and that's not bad :)
  6. And by the way my friend doesn't have that many rupees he's only going diamond for a month and why do you need 10k rupees you are diamond?
  7. To whoever sent in pictures we are coming close to picking one keep a close eye on this page and thank you so much for your contributions :D.
  8. If i am not responding to your messages come on over to 818 or to my res just do /v 818 or /v iball6119