[CONTEST] Seven Wonders Of The Empire!

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  1. Hello everyone, Jacob back with another contest!
    My last contest, the pretty scary contest was a complete dud :D
    That's why I'm hoping this one will be better!
    The concept of this contest is the following.
    Player A has an amazing build. Player B notices this build and really likes it! Player B will then send me (jacob5089) a pm on the site containing the name, lot number, and server of the build.
    I'll then post the entires in a separate thread in an imgur album, where the community will vote for their favorite three!
    After this, I will send the final three to moderators and they will decide from there.
    Once this is done, I will have a board at my residence stating the winners! These will be the seven wonders of the Empire!
    Now here's everyone's favorite part! Prizes :DDDDDDD
    So get hunting for those amazing builds everyone!
  2. I am willing to donate 5k to this but I would like it back if this closes.
  3. Sure thing!
    All donations from my last contest were returned when it was shut down :)
  4. Bump!
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  5. Might as well save yourself some time and give 104 the money now.
  6. :p
    Not until someone enters it :p
  7. Bümp! :D
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