[ Contest ] Scariest Quote

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  1. Whovever types the scariest qoute from something gest a SPOOOKY block and 2k rupees!
    Make sure its EMC appropriate and not offensive. OOOOH you got to October 20th to do this.
  2. Can we use multiple quotes?
  3. "Please welcome your new president, Donald Trump"
  4. He said scary, not terrifying. :p
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  5. :p Never take candy from strangers :p
  6. "Every day is Halloween right? For some of us it is..."
  7. Only 2 qoutes
  8. And keliris im a she
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  9. "Day 312, internet still not working."
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  10. "I found a photo on my phone of me sleeping. I live alone."
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  11. MWAHAHAHA I see some terrifying quotes already!
  12. Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.
  13. "Monday." -Me
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  14. "The only human on Earth sat alone in a room. He heard a knock on the door."
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  15. "Don't go ALONE into the Cemetary After Dark on Halloween...Bring a Friend!" :eek:
  16. "Guys, I have an idea" -Luckygreenbird
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  18. "You smell different when you're sleeping"