[Contest] Save the Earth!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do a contest! So.. it's a very simple contest!

    So, the object of the contest is to save the earth! You have to make a hat (by yourself, cannot be bought) out of recycled items! I made one, but I don't feel like posting it to imgur, or trying to find out the image link. I did a Hello Kitty one, though. Made of paper, and tissues!

    So, the only things you can use are these:
    • Newspaper Scrapes
    • Tissues
    • Paper
    • Anything Recycled! (Cans, bottles.. more)
    It CANNOT be bought. If it is bought, you'll be eliminated. You can buy material to make it, such as stickers, paper, and coloring supplies to color it. But it has to be any of the 4 items above this paragraph.

    At the end of the contest, you PM me a picture of your hat. In the first comment, below this thread, I'll put the top 3 winners. Because, well, only 3 people will win.

    This is how you enter!

    PM me a picture and tell me what you used and what you did with your hat!

    This helps saving the earth because we're using recycled things, and we're not using expensive things. We're reusing things, which is saving the earth.

    I dedicate this project to the created of our world, God. Thank you, fine sir.

    Welp, I hope you like the contest! Wait.. but theres more!

    Guys, notice the ending time is at the end of september, 31st.

    Ok, and it starts today!! :)

    I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. 1st Place:
    2nd Place:
    3rd Place:

    Prizes for winners:

    1st Place: 10k + 5 Diamonds + 2 Head

    2nd Place: 5k + 5 Diamonds + 5 shiny flesh

    3rd place: 2k + 3 shiny flesh

    Congrats to who won, you deserve it!

    People who entered, and there places:

    Thank you all for participating, it means a lot to me and God because you're helping and saving the earth by using recycled stuff!
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  3. First (ish)! Will definitely enter! Hatz FTW!
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  4. So, we're supposed to use recycled stuff, but we can also buy things to make the hats? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of recycling?

    Also, September only has 30 days in it.
  5. Does a crown count as a hat?

    Edit: Just a suggestion, but after the contest is over maybe post the winners' masterpieces?
  6. No, a hat is shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.
  7. Darn. I shall incorporate the crown into the hat then.
  8. She put the 31st because this contest isn't real, possibly?
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  9. Nope, just was a mistake
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