[CONTEST] PvP Deathmatch

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Ritunn, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. So knowing that PvP may change forever next update (thank you PenguinDJ and Dr.Chocolate) I've decided to host a PvP event.
    Rules: If you die you may not return to fight.
    To win you must be the last one standing.
    Location: SMP6 /PvP
    Date: This Thursday
    Time: 3:40PM Est time
    Prize: 10k, Place on hall of fame (Head required)
    Any and all items are aloud you may post on this thread to be viable to fight as to not have anybody die accidentally. On the date we will meet at SMP6 spawn. If you are not there before the designated time or 5mins after you will be disqualified.
    I will announce date soon.
    Good luck and may you be victorious!
  2. You're welcome... but what...?
    Doesn't work like that. You can't make people drop items... how's that going to work?
  3. PvP without me keepin' my items? *gasp*
  4. What do people not drop there stuff when they die? Because they usually do.
  5. Items have never dropped in PvP.
  6. Really well that's different well you still get 10k.
    All changed
  7. Will you 2 at least be participating?
  8. Depends on the date/time.
  9. It will likely be around 3:30 on a weekday. I will try not to intersect it with another event.
  10. I can tell Penguindj is probably gonna win this.
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  11. Well ya never know. It is free for all.
  12. I am not touching the pvp arenas. So I will not be going.
  13. A time has been determined after I calculated how long it should take for everyone to finish each other off. The date shall be announced soon.
  14. Just bumping it up
  15. Date has been set hope to see you all there. May the best/well geared player win!
  16. I have a suggestion on how to run smoother... invite everyone in the group, and when they die kick them from the group...
  17. I was going to invite everyone to a group but never thought of that great idea.
  18. Its now? if its 3:40 emc time, I must have missed it :(
  19. No it's today not yesterday.