[CONTEST] Pics for Rups

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  1. To win rupees, all you need to do is submit in this thread (in a spoiler) a picture/screeny of a creation you have made using minecraft.
    [links to image hosting sites are also valid entries]

    This could be:
    -A drawing or painting of a minecraft scene,
    -A building or rs creation you have made in emc or singleplayer,
    -An mc costume you have mde nd worn for halloween,

    I am giving away a total of 60,000 rupees,

    30k - 1st place
    20k - 2nd place
    10k - 3rd place

    This competition will run for 7 days, at the end of whichi will go through the entries and decide upon the three winners.
    Other prizes may also be handed out depending on what you enter! :D

    Good Luck!!
    (it doesnt matter how artistic or creative you are, feel free to have a go, you may surprise yourself)

    RULES EDIT: 2 or more pictures of your creation must be posted so as to prove a valid entry.
  2. My place is the one on the right

  3. New rule implemented, op updated.

    Very nice texture pack, could you give another pic or two so as to give a clearer view of what it is?

    Come on people, this is an easy competition, im practically giving away these rups.
  4. Here's a wool sculpture I did out in the Wild:


    Here's a screenshot from when I was working on it still:

    Up until IceCreamCow's visit, I only knew I wanted a zombie on one end holding the sign but couldn't come up with a counterpart I was happy with.
  5. how many different creations can i enter?

    also... i don't know how to do the spoiler thing..
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  6. Let me know if I can only submit one, Glasi13. Here's a shop I built with a friend. The theme is a floating biosphere:

    Here's a screenshot from the inside of one of the domes:

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  7. I've done it a few different ways. Probably none of them are "correct", but they work. Try this: Write your post and upload your pictures in the post where you want them to be. Post it then edit it.

    You'll see this where your pictures are:
    [ATTACH=full]9084 [/ATTACH] 

    Place this before the picture code:

    and this after the picture code for each one:
  8. Darn. Looks like I've missed today's hangin'.
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  9. i still can't get it to work, so, he said links were valid too, so there it goes. lol
  10. Here's my entries.


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  11. I think the difference is that I was uploading directly from my PC and you are using links to imgur. What you did works fine.
  12. With those mods everything looks pro. :p
  13. You can enter as many time as you like, im interested in seeing a very diverse collection of artistic creations :p.

    Some very nice looking works here so far, im impressed already at the talent we have in emc ;)