[CONTEST] Name my Squid - God Bow Award

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  1. +RR on SMP6 is inviting you to join in a naming contest.
    My Squid needs a name, are you equipped to give him/her/it a name?
    Said squid is Located at my res /12669 NMS on smp6,

    what do you have to do to try to win?
    You need to put you naming idea in a book N' Quill. write your idea down and sign the book with "Squid Naming Contest" you go to /v +rr wish on smp6 and throw the book into the Wish fountain.
    I take all the books out of the fountain on Sunday 29th of March, and pick a winner.

    the awards? not shabby award
    A God bow, Named "NameChanger"
    from +rr's opening soon Bazaar shop ( Shop specialized in God items)
    Power V
    Punch II
    Flame I
    Unbreaking III
    Infinity I

    Anyone can join in.
    Anyone has the same change to win.

    Best regards staff of +RR (River Run)
  2. Geremia
    (Or Jeremia)

    I'll make a book too :p
  3. hope you put that in the fountain :)
  4. I call the squid...! wait no, where's a book? :)
  5. Time to think of something interesting c:
  6. Kraking
    Sharks with guns
  7. I don't sign books, so I'll just post here suppose :p

    My idea for the name is "Kraken". From the famous quote, "Release the kraken!" I'll leave it as that, some nice names here :)
  8. So Squid has been Named
    His name is Tentacool and was names by UnovaWarriorX

    AS you can see here i am sending UnovaWarriorX the price there is the Bow NameChanger. a stack of cupid arrows, a diamond Named after Tenticool. emerald block, 8 blocks of gold. a congratulation book, and a stack of iron igots.
    and something everyone who sent in a book gets. home made fireworks :)

    stay tuned for my/our next event.. cause it gets better :)
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  9. I am looking for Player DeerMilk.. i dont know your EMC name
  10. Thanks for picking the name I suggested! Really happy I won :) Say hi to Tentacool for me :p
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  11. Ah, I'm too late. I would have named it Blueberry Pie.
  12. That's me :)
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