[CONTEST] Make a skin!

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  1. Hey guys! =D

    Today I'm looking for someone to make me a skin (not me, this is for someone else, but I won't be saying who ;)). The skin must resemble as closely as possible The Fonz, or Fonzie, from the hit TV show Happy Days. I will choose the final winner, and he/she will receive the grand prize. Everyone who participated will also receive 2k. =P

    In case you don't know who The Fonz is, this is him: https://i.imgur.com/Uz3cnCa.jpg

    This event will last for 3 weeks. You have until then to submit your skins either through PM to me, or post them on this thread! The grand prize is as follows:

    5 Pot 'O Golds.
    1 2012 Empire Firework
    60k in rupees.

    Go crazy! =)

  2. I can't imagine who this could be for.
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  3. There's no need to. >=D