[Contest] League Of Legends

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  1. Now I know there are lots of you out there that probably play league of legends, and probably (almost deffinatly) more that don't. Now this is my attempt to make a team. You will need to refer to me (SnakeVomit when you get into the last step of signing up) And when you have done that i can keep track of you.
    Then i will personally 1V1 you all at level 10 and then pick 2 teams, then I will play all the teams against each other and the top 10 players get to go into a final, top team, then you get to do a game with me, lowest score (kills+assists-Deaths=score) loses.
    2,000 Rupees to each of the 4 people that win the Comp
    More to come
    Edit: 20 Competitors needed.
  2. What server is this happening on?

  3. Oh yeah Eu West, sorry if this doesn't work for you but it does for me -_-.
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  4. I'm Nordic & East, but I could make an account for West, but I have to start over.
  5. Oh and you have 4 weeks to get to Level 10 that is the 3rd of Febuary, Please also learn a specific role to play like support and that.
    The 1V1s will be going on around the 6th-10th Feb
  6. Most people will be starting over. I made a new account for my friends and our team just today.
  7. What is LoL?
  8. It is a MoBa based game Much like HON Or AwesomeNaughts(But 3D) and you can pick hundreds of champions. It is really fun TBH, Please just give it a try if you want to see it (N.B. Takes ages to install first time but it is REALLY worth it)
  9. anyway if we refer to u i think people can guess who gets a lil reward for that...
  10. Yep i think i get about 200Influence Points per refferal so to get a champion i would need 30 refferals, so its not really allot
  11. h
    ow about playing games with other players?
  12. Umm yeah I do that quite allot, maybe 3 games a day more on the weekend, this is just to get more pwople into the game and help me track who is acctually doing this through my emails as my friends list is too cluttered to really work this way. Thank You for the feedback :) if you don't want to participate, you don't need too.
  13. what region are you on? add wartrex13 anyway i got time after school
    7 pm in amreica or 9 pm coz here those are 1 and 3 pm
  14. Im on EU west.
  15. Wait where do you live?!?!!?