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    I have a very large design that I need a good concept for. Let me first paint a picture in your head.

    I am going to be building an underground city. It isn't just any underground city though. This underground city is going to be under an ocean. The roof of the underground city will be the ocean itself. This isn't a small underground city either. It's roughly 200x200 so... well I'm going to be working on it for a WHILE. Not to mention all the other things that are going along with it.

    So what I need help with is the roof of the underground city. It will be stained glass but I am not certain what I want it to look like. In my head I imagine an intricate, perhaps Fibonacci sequence that will span the entire roof/floor of the ocean. Of course many people immediately jump to pixel art but pixel art would be a little difficult to make out with a blue background and being some 40-50 blocks above your head. I think a design would do it much more justice. The ideas floating around in my head never stop but I thought I could make this a little more fun and turn it into a giveaway.


    For the design I end up going with I will be supplying said person with some unique prizes. Just to make everyone happy I am going to be offering 200k rupees. I will also supply the winner with a tour of the progress in getting this project under way already and will of course keep them up to date.

    My personal favorite prize: access to one of the most efficient guardian farms in all of emc. This farm was made painstakingly and will be the centerpiece of the underground city. This city/farm/project is located in an undisclosed location at a private outpost. I have been working on this whole thing for a good while now and have some pretty cool stuff going on out there.

    If the winner is not the only design that amazes and awes then I will definitely hand out consolation prizes generously. Nothing set in stone though.

    Tl;dr I need a ceiling for my underground city which will also be the floor to a 200x200 ish ocean. I want a design(pixel art will be considered but discriminated against) to do the ceiling/floor in stained glass.

    As of yet I do not have a contest end date. I will gauge it on entries. If you have an entry but are working on it let me know so I don't close the contest early.

    Additional Information:

    Templates/pictures/drawings and/or general design ideas will be considered. Please PM me with "Large build design" as the subject with entries. If you have any queries please post it here on this thread so that I may answer it publicly and not have to continue to answer the same questions over and over.
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  2. xHaro_Der
    is the winner of this contest! He was our only applicant but has been patient and tolerant of my "demands" if you will. I haven't really been that hard about it.

    He also gave me a very beautiful build with which to work with and I will continue to work with him. I will post screenshots in the next thread as soon as I get them up. Thank you xHaro_Der for working with me on this and being so awesome!
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  3. I have a possible idea. From 1 to 10 how fancy/intricate should it be? Any hanging decorations? Or just a roof? Should the submission also be 200x200 or if it's a repeating pattern would say 100x100 suffice? Should it be built in SP and then shared? Mods like World Edit allowed?
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  4. Absolutely! You can use single player/world edit. If I can download the server I would probably add on some extra perks for being convenient.

    1-10 in intricate... hmmm. Not so intricate that I have to take 3 years making it. Something pleasing to look at though. If you are actually going to build it in game then you will have an edge considering the stained glass +water combo will be difficult to work with as far as sketches go.

    A repeating pattern would actually be preferred. Hanging decorations is an interesting idea. I haven't gone down and tested where the floor of the ocean is EXACTLY but I would guess there would only be so much room to work with(the floor of the city will be at y-8 to y-12 for the most part with other variances of more block height). Also, being that it is in survival, I won't be able to fly so any hanging decorations shouldn't be too involved.

    You don't have to build it and a 1/4 square would be more than enough for me to understand what the pattern/colors are. If its a repeating pattern you could probably do a 50x50.

    I had NOT planned on making the floor of the ocean level but if the design calls for that then it can be done, just more work. The center, where the guard farm is is roughly 65x65 (so there will be this whole in the center, you could use this as part of the design and have it spiral out from it or something) and the floor/ceiling will slope up to meet the top of the guard farm. I am not sure of the incline of the slope as I'm kinda just doing it as I go.
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    I might have to increase the rupee pot to get more people interested :oops:
  6. People don't seem to be fond of non-staff build contests...
  7. regardless, I still need a design ;-)

    Pot has been increased to 200k for the winner
  8. I've messaged you my attempt.
  9. I will look at that in just a minute. Just got home from work :)
  10. Contest has closed, second post edited with winner. Third post will be edited with screenshots shortly.