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  1. ToriDesu's Idea Contest
    This is my first contest I will be hosting, and it's an idea contest! I have some space on my plot at 1386 and I want to use up all of the space on my plot, use it for its worth. Thats where YOU come in, I need ideas to what to use the space for!
    The Reason For Contest:
    I'm looking for creative ideas, something not really seen on EMC.
    1. Each person gets 2 ideas to submit
    2. Must be different, and creative, no ideas that are popluar. (Ex. Farm, Shop, Megamalls, stuff you can find on every corner)
    The prize of right now is 2k and will be given to the person's idea I like most, I will pick two, it won't be from 1 person, it could be a split prize, so it's anyone's game
    I will take rupee donations for this contest to maybe give more people money for their ideas that I will try to combine. Any amount is welcome! But pm me if you do donate and with the amount
    It ends Nov. 30th two weeks from today
    May the odds ever be in your favor!
    Any questions you have please ask!
  2. First is an EMC rare item museum. it has been talked about but never has been fully completed.
    Second is a recreated nether biome in town with nether rack, lava and the whole 9 yards.
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  3. I can do a nether tower maybe. An idea.
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  4. Lol when i read the title i was like ... is this a contest to come up with an idea for a contest? xP
  5. No there is already one of those :p
  6. Possibly a head museum with every player's head. Second, possibly a horse race track.
  7. Hmmmm how about 1. a roller coaster or 2. a whole res that has a murder mystery and you must solve the mystery (it will have events that lead to find the murderer and win prizes ^-^)...
  8. Maybe people can rent little spots on Empire Minecraft for adds for there malls or whatever? Then again it could get crowded
  9. So far the only idea that can fit and interesting is a tower, could make the tower a 'murder mystery' tower.
  10. Bump, still no winner!
  11. Bump! Still no winner!
  12. you could make a place that is dedicated to the staff and it works, for example Icc does something great for the Empire, and than you write that on the wall where all the good thing the staff has done ( possible with the coresponding staff head.

    my second idea is: a charity store where the profict will be donated to people that are in serieus need of money and/or materials, that way you make both the person that gets the stuff happy aswell as the person that donated the stuff/money as he knows it will end up in the hand that need it the most
  13. Both very good ideas Dales, and from what I've seen there aren't many of both. I'm leaning more towards the 2nd idea because if you know me, I'm all about giving back so it works out, but the contest doesn't end till the end of the month!
  14. :D well by the looks you like my ideas and if you make a charety stand, i might even consider to redesign my res to a charety res, and whe could work together to help the people that are less fortune than us.

    Btw i am going to change my res to a charity place for sure, if oyu want to help just tell me in the comments bellow
  15. Yes I will be more than happy to help!