[CONTEST] I need a signature!

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  1. We all know how these things work, right? I start by explaining what you should will do, and then you might will create me an awesome signature. Bear in mind it has to be a 100x600 (100px tall, 600px wide) picture (.png's, .jpg's, and .gif's only! No .jpeg's!) that will go right down there. The one I like the most will win 2,500 5,000 rupees! This will end on November 1st, 2013 (also the debut of the November edition of the SSBM: SFO. So submit today, and as Effie Trinket always says...
    EDIT: Look at that ugly signature right down there! It's... it's horrid! Don't make me use that signature any longer! Please! ;_;
  2. 2.5k is not a great prize :/
  3. Meh. I guess you're right. Quick, Watson, to the Bank! *danananananana!*
  4. 1. 3093
    2. 3055
    3. 4405
    4. 3056
  5. That's kinda rude, not everyone has vast amounts of rupees, I know that I would have died for an additional 2.5k during one time or another
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  6. K...