[CONTEST]I need a sig win 30k!

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  1. Hello Every one once again!

    So I recently made a thread concerning and detailing my Public Farm systems I have made and that are all free to the public

    What I need is a sig that and combine all the basic information of the farms into one little wee sig

    So here is what is up for grabs at yet another -deathtomb- event

    Main Prize 30000r for the Sig I select to use to advertise my public farm systems

    Public Voters Prize 10000r for the Sig that is Selected by the public during my around of public voting

    Great ideas " for all to use" well be awarded 1000r each untill a total of 10000r has been handed out for this section, that means 10 people can get 1000r each for just suggesting a idea here in this thread that others could use in making the sig for me

    -What I want in the Sig at least
    1- the following info in some shape of form. Free public farms , and the res info for them which is as follows 18313, 18800 and 18006

    2- something to represent me either by name or avatar i prefer name since i dont tend to change my skins once in a while

    Is there a limit of entries I can submitt - Yes 4 per person

    Contest Ends August Friday 2nd 2013 at 9 pm EST. At this point in time ill review all entries and pick a winning then open public voting for that section of the contest

    Link here to the Thread about my farms for a little in-sight
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  2. Submission Format: Start a convo with me with the title Contest and provide a link to the signatue you would like to enter to the contest. Please be creative and orginal
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  3. I'll be home at my computer in 2 days and when I get their I'll definitely try to make you one since I've been in GFX for years :)

    Also when is the deadline for entries?

    /Off topic
    Congratulations on diamond supporter :p
  4. I'll give it a shot. Anything related to deathtomb in there?
  5. Sent sig! Check convo!
  6. Hey Deathtomb, if you don't find a sig that you like, which is improbable, then ask THE_LEGEND4, he does great sigs.
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  7. well maybe you should inform him of this
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  8. :p No need to really congratulate him seeing as how he bought it instead of earning it. :p Just saying. BTW you can always use my sig it's basic but hey! Whatever. xD
  9. I have had 3 entrys so far lets keep them coming people! you can entry up to 4 signaturs

    edit contest dead line added to OP
  10. Would you want one kind of like this?
  11. Alright that's a nice deadline I'll get on it :)
  12. Would you like something like my sig?
  13. looking for something purely minecraft theamed
  14. nightly bump
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  15. Working on it :)