[CONTEST] House building contest!

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  1. Because we have reached 40k members, I have decided to have a contest.

    It must fit in a 13x13 area
    Can have up to 3 floors and 1 basement.

    You will be judged by 3 judges on:
    Decor (How pretty it looks)
    Efficiency (How easy it is to build)
    Contents (Does it have crafting tables, furnaces, etc.)

    The winner will receive a prize of: 5,501r
    (I will increase the prize money, if more people enter the contest and donations are always welcome)

    How to enter:
    Send me a PM with your name, server, and residence number with a picture of the house if available.

    Good Luck!
    Pwnage92 - 1r

    The deadline will be decided when more people are interested.
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  2. Sounds like a good comp but as my computer is in for repairs i cant enter D:
  3. Aw.
    Aw. Hope your compiter gets fixed soon.
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  4. Fixed the prize money!
  5. I donated a rupee ;)
  6. Yeah i got that.
  7. Made an edit to the post regarding deadlines
  8. I will enter the contest! Do I start building right away? When are u gonna judge? And res number 8438 on smo4
  9. Me and the other judges will judge when we decide on a deadline... might be in around a month. And you can start building whenever you want!
  10. I'll enter.
    Home Server:smp4
    Res number:9278
  11. Can the house have already been built?
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  12. Yea Gob built and EPIC house.

    smp7 14832
  13. Yeah it could be built. But it must be in a 13x13 area
  14. -_-
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  15. If your computer is geting repaired, then how did you post that? :eek:
  16. Ok i have you listed. We will visit your residence at judging time!
  17. Maybe I'll do half of my house....
  18. Psssh, 13x13. I build things way bigger. :p