(Contest) Horse-Track Clubhouse design

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  1. Hey guys, having a really bad builders block, cant think of how to build this.
    Here is how this contest will go;
    Fit an area of 120 Wide x 75 Long
    Have Seating involved somewhere
    Arc Entrance
    Two towers
    Only Exterior
    Any Type of Cobble/ Stone
    Dark Oak Logs
    Spruce Plank items
    Anything else you see fit. nothing expensive

    PRIZE: 30k

    You can either PM or post entries here.
  2. dont see why i couldnt help out a fellow friend :) i can do something up
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  3. /v crazynic
    It isn't exactly what you asked for but might give you ideas :p
  4. You're finally making your horse track! :D I remember donating 5k to it when i only had 10k rupees. Then you didn't build it for like 7 months but I'm glad to see that you're still gonna do it!

    Also, are you looking for a clubhouse and a racetrack or just a clubhouse design?
  5. clubhouse, the race track area is already set up, able to be seen at 5265 on utopia