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  1. Hello everyone and welcome to snappes27's giveaway
    I thought I would try this out but anyway the contest is to come to my Res /v 2309 and put something valuable in the chest that says snappes27's Mail Then post your name and what you put in the chest below and at the end of the month a random name will get everything in the chest + 64 free diamonds and a FAST horses spawn egg
  2. And if there's nothing in the chest by march 31st ill use a random number generator to see who gets the 64 diamonds and the 130 horse comment name below
  3. So you want people to give you good stuff and then you will give some lucky winner a stack of diamonds and a horse egg? What do you mean by valuable? If you want us to put in something more valuable then what you are giving out then nobody will participate.
  4. No she is doing a lottery, everything people put in the chest will be given away + diamonds and a horse egg.
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  5. Yes that's what ment