[Contest] Farm Per Month!

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  1. ATTENTION ALL: I will be waiting until we get some teams in to post the first farm challenge!

    Hey all,

    So, over the past few weeks, I've noticed EMC's been missing a little something. A little something that kept the flame of competition going on. Everyone loves the idea of competition, which is why the mobarena was so popular. People like the idea of winning, and beating the rest, which is natural. People also like competitions that aren't based on luck. So, after being inspired by Qwerty189 and AmusedStew, I decided to start my own competition that will hopefully bring some more excitement to the EMC community until all the fun things Aikar has planned arrive.

    Basically, here's how it'll work. Every month, I will assign you and your group a farm. You will have until the end of the month to complete the farm with the requirements stated. If you complete that farm, you get 2 points. There will also be extra points for creativity, design, efficiency and more stuff.
    By the end of the year, who ever has the most points will win the grand prize! There will be a smaller prize every 3 months to keep things interesting. ;)

    Team Simx's: Samsimx, Jacob5089, NetherWorld666
    Team Crafters: Adondrabkin
    Team Revenge Bears: ToriDesu
    Team Grigori: KingGrigori
    Teams must consist of 1-4 people. Others may help the farm building, but they're names will not be mentioned in the OP. You must come up with a team name (Try to make it interesting :p), and let me know on here.

    1) No using pre-built farms
    2) Friendly competition only, this is in no way meant to start arguments and trash talking
    3) Have fun! Seriously, if you don't, I'll force you to :p

    This is where I will keep track of points for all of the teams!

    - 3 Haunted Heads
    - 4 Stacks of Zombie Heads
    - God Swords (Lots of them)
    - God Bows (Lots of them)
    - After this contest kicks off, this list is gonna be full! :p

    If you have any questions, let me know. :)
  2. So it will be over at the end of 2014..?
  3. Mhm, I know it's a long time, which is why prizes will be given out every 3 months as well. :)
  4. I'm in :D
    Definitely :D
  5. Team-
    Team name-

    Did I do it right? :p
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  6. Just let me know your team name and your members usernames on here. Also, when I say farm per month, I mean all kinds of farms, not just plant farms.
  7. Where will these farms be made?
    Are you using us to make you farms?
  8. Can I join :3?
  9. Haha, no, I don't need people to make me farms, you choose the location of your farm, and you get to keep it. :)
  10. Team-
    adondrabkin (more may join)

    Team Name-
    Lol xD
  11. You sure you want your team name to be "Lol xD"? :p
  12. Any other ideas? :p
  13. Can I join?
  14. Anything really, you could be team "insert favorite something here". :)
  15. Ok. Team: crafters
    How original is that?
  16. Team:
    ToriDesu (and maybe others)
    Team name:
    Revenge Bears
  17. TEAM GRIGORI!!!!!!!
  18. Sure but the team name is staying ;)
  19. So I should add them to your team?
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