[CONTEST] EMC NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

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  1. Event Type: Contest

    Event Description:
    March Madness is the nickname given to the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament that takes place annually in March. The tournament is made up the top 68 teams (32 Conference champions and 36 at large bids) nationwide, but only one can be crowned champion. Every year millions of individuals worldwide fill out a tournament bracket to compete against friends, family, coworkers and complete strangers for bragging rights, or often times money. The tournament consists of six rounds and spans two weeks. There will be blood, there will be sweat, there will be cheers, and there will most definitely be tears.

    Your only job for this contest is to choose who will win this tournament in the end. That means choosing the winner of every game, in every round, every day of the tournament. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. You may in the end choose the 2014 NCAA Division I Champion, but the odds of picking the perfect bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Yes, 9.2 QUINTILLION. Correctly predicting the winner of a single game will earn you points. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

    Scoring System:
    Scoring is done automatically through the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Sports page. The points system (highlighted below) is the Default Yahoo points system. Each round the points awarded for correctly predicting the outcome of a single game increases. The point system is consistent throughout all 4 tournament pools and does not change.
    You will also be required to enter your prediction for the final score of the Championship game. If two people are tied in points at the end of the Championship game, then their predicted final score will be used to choose the pool winner. Whoever is closest to the final score of the Championship game will be named the pool winner.

    A few VERY important times/dates to keep in mind:
    Contest registration will be open until the time final brackets are due. You are allowed to register for the contest as long as you have enough time to join your tournament pool and fill out your bracket.
    This contest is theoretically just for fun, and a prize is not guaranteed. Participants will be asked to contribute to a prize pool, but they will not be required to do so. Specific prizes are strictly determined by community participation; the more community participation the larger the prize pool will be. Donations in the form of rupees will be combined and distributed to the top three scores. Distribution method of rupees for the top three scores has been highlighted above. If you have questions feel free to ask. Donated items will be distributed in a random drawing at the end of the contest. This method of distribution was chosen in order to further encourage participation, and to hopefully reward participants who did not win rupee prizes. That DOES NOT mean that tournament pool winners will be forbidden from winning donated items in the random drawings.

    Donations would obviously be very much appreciated. Donations in the form of rupees and items will both be accepted. If you donate rupees it will go towards the prize pool for the top three scores. Items that are donated will go towards a drawing at the end of the tournament that will include ALL contest participants (including contest winners). If you would like to donate please contact me via private message. Donators will be recognized within this thread.

    How to Register:
    If you’ve made it this far and are interested in registering you will need to follow the following steps to do so:
    1. Login to/create your Yahoo account here: http://login.yahoo.com
      • If you already have a Yahoo user account you can skip to step 2.
      • If you do not have a Yahoo user account you can create one using the “Create New Account” link, or you can sign in with your Facebook account (link located at the bottom of the login screen).
    2. Once you have your account follow this link: http://y.ahoo.it/l6wcn2qM
      • The password for the pool is: EMC
      • It will automatically assign you a bracket name (you can edit it later if you like).
    3. Once you have joined you can click your bracket name and begin making your tournament picks.

    DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE YOU BRACKET! “My bracket didn’t save and I can’t edit it anymore!” WILL NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE
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  3. We got 4 people so far, could really use some more.
  4. Can't say that I'll be putting up that 10,000 rupees if more people don't participate. Or at the very least match my donation. Would love to see more people get into this, it's a good way to spark a real interest in the tournament.
  5. I'll donate 5 100 speed donkeys.
  6. I'll put up 15,000r IF we can get 15 people to sign up.
  7. I can't say 15 people will happen since brackets close in 4 hours, but thank you to the both of you. It would be nice if we could at least get 10 people.
  8. Exactly 1 hour left to enter and submit your final bracket.
  9. Well, tournament is under way. Didn't get nearly as many people to sign up as I was expecting, or hoping for, but thanks to the few that did. Unfortunately, I will not be honoring my initial donation because of the very poor turn out and I do not expect Chizmaro and Haro to either. I apologize for that and will be sure to start this much sooner next year. Thank you to those that did join. I hope you had fun making your picks, and took a few risks. I know I did. Best of luck.
  10. My donation is still valid. :)