[CONTEST] Design me a lobby

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  1. This contest is about designing me a lobby for my mall. Please include 16 teleports for the wool colors, and another 2 for the second and top floors. I will give move access to everyone at 202 to look at the current lobby and design it from that. I can change the floors, but it must be fairly cheap, or I will just stick to sand stone. You may enter the contest as many times as you want. To be entered into the contest, just post below with a picture(s) of the lobby you designed, and make sure it is entered before Labor Day. The day after Labor Day, I will find the winner(s) and give them their prices. Now, you can design the floor, or the actual telepad area, so depending on what entries win, there might be one, or two winners.

    Floor winner receives 16 Diamonds, and 2k

    Telepad Winner receives same price.

    Let the contest commence :D
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  2. New update lol, I ask you send me the world if you win the contest :p nice job jakres
  3. Bump ;3 So far Jakres is winning the floor plan. I still need a telepad design ;3
    >.< EDIT: lol I see the telepad thingy now jakres, I missed most of your post due to loading errors lol xD
  4. Sorry for way to early bump, but I had to address this.
    The telepad floor and the lobby floor CAN be separate. If the telepads are on the top floor, that's fine, if they are in the lobby, that's fine too :p
  5. Bump. erm... I am shorting the deadline to this Sun. That's when I thought labor day was. Now, jakres. Since I know you lost the world, try to rebuild it again, and send me the file via PM.
  6. Bump, last day is for entries is tomorrow.
  7. Bump, Jakres won. Payment will be sent shortly, you can pick up your goodies at my first res :)