[CONTEST] Design A Museum Wall For 75k

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    Hello, people of the Empire! As some of you may know, I'm working on
    a museum! However, I stink at building, so I'm gonna let the community do the
    dirty work for me in this contest!
    You are designing one level of the museum. It must
    have the following dimensions:
    54 long x 54 wide

    25 blocks tall inside
    30 blocks tall outside
    Following the next set of criteria will greatly improve the chances of you winning:
    If you were to copy the floor, you should be able to stack the copies on top
    of one another and have them both look good and fit together well. This means
    that this is NOT the entry/first floor! :)

    The majority of each wall should be made up of windows.
    Sandstone is the favorite block for this build.
    75,000r for the creator of the winning design!
    I will end this contest on October 15th, 2014.
    When I say 25 blocks inside and 30 blocks outside, I mean that inside the room, you should be able to fit a stack of 25 blocks before you hit the ceiling. However, there should be an additional five blocks above that ceiling so that I can fit things such as message signs/chests in between the floors. This means that once you build the ceiling, you should continue to build a border or something for the next five blocks above it.
    When I talk about windows on the walls, I mean that much of the walls should be glass/glass panes. However, this does not mean you should make the entire wall out of glass. Just do what you think looks good. :)

    Good luck to all who enter!
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  2. Do you basically just want people to make this on an SP world and PM you the pictures of it when it is built? Does the 75k cover the design on SP or building it on EMC too for the winner? :p
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  3. Yes, make this on a SP world and PM me the pictures, please. :) And the 75k is just for the design. :) Thanks for being more on top of this them I am, Fendy. XD
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  4. sounds fun
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  5. Bump. Private message me with your pics once you have it done! Remember, there should be no entryway/door in the design. :) This is a generic floor, not the ground floor! :)
  6. Bumpalicious, eh?
  7. oh should i have finished by now?
  8. :p i had read that let me rephrase my question does it benefit me to be done now.
  9. Nope. :p As long as you don't turn it in late, it does not matter when you finish.
  10. Dang i totaly have forgotten about this!
  11. Deadline extended by a month. :)
  12. oh thank you so much i spent all night working on it lol
  13. ill work on it, i thought you would had received a lot of floors because this post has been here foorrr aaaggggeeeessss(ages)
  14. I just like to give people lots of time, and since I've only heard of two current entries, I think some time is needed.
  15. 2 entries me and who else? also this is easy moneyidk why you wouldent do it
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