[Contest] Create my Banner/signature

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  1. Hello hello hello

    i want a banner/signature

    and i want a cool one

    i can't make a cool banner so im looking to you EMC!! make me a banner/signature i want it to be PM-friendly and keep it under 500px wide

    im so desperate for a real good banner for my signature i am going to make it worthy of your time to make me a banner/signature

    what am i looking for ?

    something you can click and open a pm with me

    i want the text included
    Visit our stores on SMP6
    /v +rr and /v +books

    i want it to be cool ofc.. so do your best
    you can submit as many as you want really there is only 1 winning banner/signature

    so how do you submit? you click here this guy takes you to my submission form and you fill that out.

    cause i am a patient woman ( not ) the deadline for submit is 25th of October
    i will personally choose the winner, because well it has to impress me :D

    what am i offering that is worthy of your time.

    My own head

    ArchdukeMelon head ( the second head to be in circulation )

    now if that isnt a lot just by itself i am also offering

    150.000 Rupees


    A Vault voucher

    So make me a banner/signature !! impress me with your Banner/signature
  2. My entry
    *edit what you want in here, you said it must be editable :p*
  3. I'll throw something together.
  4. I got nothing.
  5. I got nothing.
  6. Hmm Idk how to do that :p
  7. it was brought to me attention that having it editable easily, would take most people out of this game

    so im taking that part out.

    give me your best banner :D i want my signature to be PM friendly
  8. gona up this one since no one has taken part :)
  9. It may not be amazing but if no-one else enters i win
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  10. thats a nice thought. but you just commented :D you never submitted :D
    but then again if only you submits and i don't like your banner you won't win you still have to impress me enough to keep the banner :D
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