[CONTEST] Color for my time bar in my game (Nice Reward)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheCrimeLime, Dec 25, 2015.


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  1. So ive been working on my 2D platformer lately, and im in need of a color pallet using just 2 colors.
    What I mean by time bar is that every level is timed and I have a bar that slowly goes down, I just need some good colors

    dont mind the sizing and placement of things, Its just being used for testing stuff.
    Also im sorry you have to look at that horrible heart and player model I drew my self >-<
    credits to the other art to jay2a


    Ill pay 5k to the person who can think of 2 good colors that would fit
  2. #FFFFFF and #FFFFF0
  3. Is that white and black?
  4. No, it's white and a teeny shade off white.
  5. alright, know any hex to rgb websites?
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  7. I was joking with those colors. They're hardly distinguishable lol
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  8. Try Orange and Yellow ;) (I love fire, lol)
  9. Blue as full and draining to black
  10. How about blue and black?
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  11. I'm a super fast ninja:p
  12. bumop, the blue and black dont really go well together
  13. I have always thought that purple and gold go together quite nicely.
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  14. WINNER!