[ CONTEST ] Christmas Holidays contest

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Do you like this Christmas idea?

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  1. Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas to all of you! I know you all are excited for Christmas coming up!
    I always loved giving at Christmas, so why not give away 10,000 rupees and
    a special chest fulled with Christmas goodies?

    How do you enter this wonderful contest? You might be asking yourself right now.
    Well at SMP1 Residence 1748 there is a huge present, whats in this present? There
    is lots and lots of goodies! All you do is guess whats inside this huge present and
    whoever guesses it correctly will win 10,000$ and ACCESS to the chest!

    RULES :
    There is ONLY 1 specific block inside this present. No redstone dust , cake , glass panes ,
    iron bars , fences etc. You type in the comments what block you guess it is. You may
    ONLY choose 1 block and no changing please.

    This contest ends at DECEMBER 23 2012 , I'll send you a message at December 23
    if you won! You'll have to pick up this gift at SMP1 Residence 1748 in 5 days.
    If not picked up, the prize will be sent to the 2nd winner.

    We got our self a winner! The special person won 10,000$ and a doublechest filled with goodies! At SMP1 1748! The winner will be messaged. So please check your inbox! Thanks for playing.
    Thank you all for reading and I hope you
    all have a Wonderful Christmas!
  2. White wool :p
  3. Mossy stone brick
  4. I will think outside the box.... One very precious, Dirt Block.
  5. Question: What happen if two or more people guess it correctly? do they both win 10k ea? divided? or the person who posted the guess first?
  6. Great guesses guys! :)
  7. diamond block
  8. Would have guessed cookies, then read it had to be a block >.> Jungle wood.
  9. The first one to post it wins. Thats how i'll check who wins. :p
  10. Whoever guesses first should get it.
  11. Yep , thats how it works
  12. You totally ninja'ed me... =P
  13. :p
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  14. Great guesses guys!