[Contest] build me a horse stable and track

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  1. Ok so I recently reset my Utopia res and I want a horse stable to sell horses/breed and I want a big horse track circling (or ovaling ;)) the stables the stables need atleast 20 slots for 2 horses and storage area for stuff just upload to imgur (imgur.com) and PM me the complete list of blocks if you could... OH! You might want to know what the winer gets, well they get a 20k rupees voucher redeemable to me at anytime second gets a 15k one and third gets 10k ;) good luck!
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  2. I have one in the wild :confused: but that probably would not be what you're looking for.
  3. It's a contest that you build it in single player and upload the pics of it with the album's link.
  4. I'll do it.
    I'll need any type of wood planks (but all the same) and a few stacks of oak fences as well as 20 fence gates for the 20 stables.
    I'll also need 5-6 sticky pistons for the track.

    It'll be really good, if you could buy the materials. I'll pay u for the cost of the materials.
  5. Can you guys not read, It's. Contest...
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  6. If i win wll you supply the materials?
  7. No ill get the materials on the-yes of course but I need a design and. I need a few entries...
  8. What's the max number of horses you'd want on your race track?
  9. Can a mod please close this? I built this myself and no one seems interested in it...