[Contest] Build-A-Firework!

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Will you enter?

Yes 4 vote(s) 19.0%
No 3 vote(s) 14.3%
Horses and bears are awesome. 14 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Who:
    Anyone! Anyone can enter.
    Contest will end in one week! 3/8/14
    That is the last day you can enter.
    You can submit on smp1 at the residence 860
    This contest is for my grand opening of my horse mega mall! I will be doing a firework show and I need more fireworks! That's where you, the player, come in. Your job is to make a firework, each entry will win 100r, but the grand prize is 1k and a Chizmaro head! The reason for such a low prize is because it's a firework. Each firework will be judged by me, based on this:
    Bonus: Named
    I'm doing this for like I stated above, for my grand opening of my first ever horse mall, if you know me, you know how much my horses and mall mean to me, so I wanted to make it special.
    1. One entry per person, no alts allowed
    2. No promos or simple fireworks allowed, get creative.
    3. Must mail the firework to me.
    4. Do not message me about your entry.
    Good luck and get making!
    PM or comment on this forum if you have a question
  2. I would enter, I love fireworks, but mah computer broke :(
  3. Contest is for a week! If you want, tell a friend how to make it, and send it to me, but make sure your friend says it's for you, and you can be entered.
  4. Btw, good fireworks usually sell for a lot more than 1k. I sell good ones for around 5-10k, and Ive gotten a few sales. Lol
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  5. Prize may vary depending on the amount of entries.
  6. How do you know whos is whos firework?
  7. Spreadsheet
  8. Could you write how many entrees? :)
  9. *picks most random vote option :p*
  10. Be there when the contest juding is revealed :p
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  11. Or name, but what if 2 ppl or more has the same fiahwork
  12. I wanna enter I just need to find sum good dyes, sum sugar cane and CREEPERS!!! *explosion behind*
  13. Not many people are entering, so chances are unlikely
  14. Have to at least partially agree with this - good fireworks, and by that I mean ones where a single launch is bound to impress and dazzle, are worth a bit more than 1k.

    Also a helpful bit of advice from my 'Pyrotechnic's Compendium' book.
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  15. Like I said, the prize can be changed
  16. Wait... It's a BOOK? Like a online book u made on EMC? (I know this is off topic I'm just wondering)
  17. Yes it is and can be bought on his res.

    Now for my question: Can I send multiple fireworks but only have the first as part of the contest? I have a few complex ones that I have made copies of that are just sitting in a chest, gathering dust. So would I be able to send them to you for you to keep and use if you wish but exclude them from judging?
  18. Yeah, just the one enter for the contest pm the name or effects so I can write it down