[Contest]Book Writing Contest *Updated*

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  1. Book Writing Competition.JPG
    Rules :
    -time to enter : new update (1.3) -> 30 June
    -Voting from 5 July -> 12 July

    -Don't copy from internet!
    -be original
    -colours are allowed
    -1 book/Minecraft account
    -Post under this post your information:
    -[name of the book]
    -[residence number]

    JackBiggin 500 rupees
    xatharon 2.000 rupees
    powerdan 10.000 rupees

    (pm me to donate)

    Crafting recipe :

    Extra info:

    *If your book is ready, do this: (on a sign above a chest and put your book in it)
    sign.JPG pijl.JPG sign 2.JPG


    for writers : send me a Pm on the forum with the text of your book :)

    1st Place:
    -15.000 rupees
    2nd Place:
    -7.500 rupees
    3rd Place:
    -5.000 rupees
    Most original:
    -7.000 rupees
    Best donater:
    (powerdan 10.000 rupees)
    -the winning book

    Please post only join on this threat

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  2. Do we PM you now?
  3. for a donate yes for joining post under here
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  4. is it still too late to enter?
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  5. Ill join sounds intresting
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  6. My res number is 1080 not 7291
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  7. So I PM with the text of my story? I have it drafted up and everything.
  8. That's what I asked. But Idk
  9. This is going to be amazing my book has it all comedy, action and mystery.
  10. ok.


    a legend of notch and herobrine


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  11. I wanna join, can i still join? :D I have a book that i wrote for school, :p can i use that? :confused:(its a few pages long);)
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  12. Brennian...
    It's Adapt, not Adept, lol.
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  13. I'll be entering this.
    -Residences, Rupees, and Redstone
    -7449, SMP3
    -Nope. Far from it.
  14. you can still join ;)
    and you can us all what you like :)
  15. yes and also a copy in the new 1.3 book
  16. pm me the book when your ready ;)

    and all updated
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  17. DewTheMo
    The Last Zombie
    Smp4, 8355
    Not quite done yet, but i have my ideas.
  18. Wait books are out?