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  1. Hello, SwordLord here for you to worship me. If you love to build your heart out, or just think you have the best res in the world, than this contest is for you. Basically, you build a great build, or house, or mall, or anything on your res. Then, grab a book and quill, and write your username and res number, place it in a hopper outside my door, and October 10th I will look at all the entries and chose the very best. The winner receives a chest full of goodies, including potions and enchanted gear, and 2500 rupees. Second and third place will both receive prizes of 200 rupees. To find out if you won, check this section of the forums. May the best builder win!!! (Entries accepted Sept 26 to Oct 10)*****Due to minor delay and not enough funds, i don't have the prizes ready yet. Be on the lookout.
  2. I think this is pretty cool
  3. What criteria are you judging on?
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  4. Sometimes book and quill entry forms can be tedious for some users... I recommend that you do an online forum comment entry, and write down specific users who qualify or do PM entries and still write down who qualifies. You could also do a Google Form entry, for the extra work but looks nice and automatically keeps track of all users who entered. Also what Penguinub said, there must be a certain criteria (ex: Judging on type of build, detail, etc), and should probably consider that a building must have a certain quality (ex: how big it must be, minimum size, etc.). Just wanted to give you some ideas if you do, do another contest. :)
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  5. Where's your res at SwordLord? So I can find your front door:confused: