[CONTEST] Best NoteBlock Song

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    !!NoteBlock Song Contest!!

    I am having a noteblock song competition!!!
    To enter you must build a noteblock song on EMC! ( *Must Be On EMC )
    Once you have it built you must either take a video of it playing and post it on this thread or give me the res number so I can visit it myself!

    Where: On Your Residence or Somewhere On EMC!
    Entry End Time: June 4th 12:00pm EMC time ( Lunch Time )
    Rules: Must Be Built On EMC and You Have To Build Yourself

    -Custom Burger Head
    -Enchanted Diamond Helmet. ( Enchants: Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, and Unbreaking III )

    !!!Get NoteBlock Building!!!
  2. Radioactive is my favourite song
    Someone made it in a mega mall
    So Ima do that
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  3. FYI

    I am looking for a song I like so take your guess :p Also im looking for it to be impressive, like big. But you never know if I really like the tune/song and its little you still got a chance!
  4. Whats with all the exclamation marks in front of words
  5. Like Spanish?
    ¡Que! or ¡Que es este! lol
  6. I was just putting that cause I wanted to XD and I was in a good mood
    :p lol, nope