[ Contest ] Best Halloween Costume!

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  1. Halloween Costume Contest!
    What this is and what to do:
    This is a competition of the best Halloween costume. Post a picture of you or your children in order to enter this contest. Personally I love Halloween and I love costumes, and I'm curious to see what the community of EMC will come up with :D

    Please have your submissions on this thread by the 30th of October, the winners will be chosen on the day of Halloween.

    • These photos should be only of you or your kids
    • Be creative \o3o/ *******
    1. 20,000r
    2. Labor day Bench (Promo Item)
    3. 3 ICC Birthday Event Vouchers
    A donation of anything (except dirt) will be accepted at res number 14982 on smp7
  2. Looks great Deathconn, I'll definitely be participating :)
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  3. \o3o/ Awesome conn conn, ill try to participate (maybeh) :3
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  4. I will try to find a crepy costum for scarying my little brother :D
  5. Last year my brother, sister and I had homemade costumes. We won 500 USD worth of prize money of the costumes. You can go home now, everyone.
  6. What were they of?
  7. Mother nature, thomas the train and a custom one I made with a 1x1.5 ft head with glowing eyes and it was uncomfortable and as hot as heck
  8. I will find a picture of me and my sis and bro.
  9. October Bump :3
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  10. ... My cousin had an amazing one, can I post that?
  11. uwu I will probably post a pic of my cosplay I made it myself, its of Levi from Attack on Titan. OuO its almost done I need to make the harness,,, and get a fancier cravat. I dont think I'll get the props (3DMG and Swords) made by Halloween, however. Oh well! By next convention I will have everything done!
  12. The usual sequence of getting a costume...

    Step One: Realize you need a costume.
    Step Two: Realize you need it within five minutes and panic.
    Step Three: Rush into your basement, closets, and crawlspaces to dig frantically for a good costume.
    Step Four: Put on the costume you manage to throw together without even really knowing what you are, due to your extreme rush.
    Step Five: Spend rest of time limit cleaning up mess or leave it for someone else to find.
    Step Six: Look down and realize that you are something completely stupid, despite your "hours" of hard work.
    Step Seven: Pretend it is amazing and tell everybody that it took many hours of hard work to make.
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  13. How long ago was this made?
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  14. Bump. We need at least 5 participants for this contest to happen.
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  15. It's still pretty early, I doubt anyone makes there costume this far in advance :p
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  16. That sounds amazing! I will definitely want to see pics
  17. Still early but Bump :3
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  18. Ill work on mine soon. I need to get some stuff though. Just saying its going to take a Hole lot of work
  19. That seems like a hint...
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