[Contest] Animation/Art Creation

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Lun4rX, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Hello! I am making an LP called "Punching Trees." It will film on Saturdays, and time permit uploaded also on those Saturdays. I will upload it to my channel @ youtube.com/user/minecraftmegamayhem.

    However... I still need some art/animation for the intro and outro. So, I am hosting a small competition. Here are the rules.

    1: You may make either the outro or the intro, or both. (or none if you don't wish to participate ;) )

    2: The intro must be an animation related to MineCraft, (preferably) a cartoony one, and the outro can be any still picture from ingame that is (at least) remotely hilarious.

    3: The Intro has a maximum time limit of 30 seconds.

    4: You have two weeks to complete this. I will check on your submissions on Sunday, July 22.

    Ooh, the most exciting part. The Prize:
    You will be featured in the description of every single video with your artwork in it (I won't change often, maybe twice in a 50 episode time-frame [so about twice per year]). You may sign the art too. Good luck, and may the best work win! :)