[Contest] An Extra Res

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  1. Ever had a great idea for a build and have nowhere to put it?
    Ever thought of putting it on a extra res but can't get Gold/Diamond supporter?
    Or already have the maximum of four?
    This might be the contest for you.

    I am offering up my extra res to the person with the most deserving idea.


    To enter this contest, you simply have to start a conversation with me on the site with the title;
    An Extra Res - (Username)
    What do you do in that conversation?
    Simple, anything!
    Put in anything that you think might convince to award you the res.
    That includes screenshots, videos, or simply a paragraph or two explaining it.


    -Any of the ideas that you put across must be entirely your own.
    -Although I hope that nobody will, please don't send me any money in regards to this contest.
    (Part of the idea of this is that you are not "buying" this res off me)

    Deadline; 12 Noon GMT, Sunday 20th January


    In entering this contest you fully undertand that the res will never be your property.
    You will have all flags to this res, but it will still be belong to me.
    You also understand that the res might get reset or unclaimed at any time.

    I think that's the lot of it, so
    GOOD LUCK! :)
  2. Is this allowed? I think that they set buying reses in stone, but idk about giving it away.
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  3. Yes, it is.
    The disclaimer at the end is what's covering me for this.
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  4. I would enter; but I would not get picked, as I would use the residence for selfish reasons.
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  5. I've been invited to ICC's conversation on this and it's approved.

    Here's the complete disclaimer:

    Any work done on this res would not be owned by the player building it - it will all remain owned by RainbowChin to do with what he wishes.

    To quote ICC:

    "So a disclaimer stating that any work done on it wouldn't really be theirs and the res could be reset/unclaimed at your discretion (or inactiveness should that happen)"
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  6. You and me both, storage for me.
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  7. I'll add you to the PM from Max and ICC about this.
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  8. Fixed my post, and added ICC's disclaimer. Make sure the winner completely understands that you own anything placed on that res / are able to do whatever you'd like with it.
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  9. Me likey.

    I have the worst luck, so I'm glad this isn't random :D
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  10. I would enter but I just have 2 uglified residences and it wouldn't do me any good to have a 3rd :p
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  11. Some people would call this a bump....
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  12. I would enter, but i really have no need for another res, one is enough for me, but i like the idea and this is very kind of you RainbowChin. :p
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  13. Thanks for doing this, very nice.
  14. i dont need an extra res
  15. Then why bother posting? Its just a useless post. More pointless then when I post. Rainbow is being kind to give someone a res yet you say you dont need one, when it has nothing to do with it. And you needed a res before for that gangnam style video thing.
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  16. I'd just like to add to the disclaimer that if the res is reset/unclaimed or whatever the staff can't/won't do anything about this specific case. Just a worst case scenario: You use the res for a storage area. Rainbow decides to reset it or unclaim it. Your items in storage are lost along with it.

    This is a likely possibility of what COULD happen. We just want to make sure the winner knows exactly what they're getting for his contest here.
  17. I see i am now not the only person to give away a res.
  18. we've got an utopia res and i don't really care if my post is useless
  19. Some great entries coming in so far.
    The deadline is at 12 Noon GMT, Saturday 20th January.
  20. Hm... I think I'd rather support for a few reasons.
    I'd feel safer that ways.
    I know if I got my stuff lost I'd rage quit EMC.
    And lastly,

    Well, actually I got time I'm just feeling awful lazy and have things to do.