[Contest] A Christmas Story

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  1. Aah, Christmas... the greatest time of the year.
    So great, it needs to be even more celebrated in EMC.
    So, what about a contest?
    I really love books.

    So, what about a Christmas Book Contest?
    Yay! :D
    What it should be like
    The story has to be about Christmas in Minecraft.
    It can be anything as long as it's both of the above, it could be the story of a Snow Golem or a Christmas Eve.
    You can use things that are not it Minecraft, for example Christmas things and Santa Claus.
    You may only make on entry.

    How to send it in?
    Simply make it a Signed Book and then put it in a chest where I can pick it up in your res, just remember to say what server it's on! :p

    The contest will end the 25th December; I won't be able to get on at Christmas Eve anyway.

    1st Place - 3.000r & and a copy of the book
    2nd Place - 1.500r & and a copy of the book
    3rd Place - 600r & and a copy of the book

    The book will be rated based upon 5 different things.
    • Creativity
    • Amount of pages
    • Originality
    • Christmas spirit
    • Minecraft spirit
    Donations to the Prize Pool are welcome, if there are any then they will be named on a list here. :)

    Good luck, and Merry Christmas Empire Minecrafters!
  2. Christmas Bump :p
  3. I'm in.
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