[CONTEST] 10,000R PRIZE Art Competition

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  1. Hello Friends! Time for you to show me your drawing skillzzz.

    You need to draw me either a YouTube profile picture, or a YouTube banner/Channel Art.
    .Do not copy other peoples work (I know if you have used one from Google Images...)
    .You can draw either on computer or IRL :D

    1st Place Banner/Channel Art - 7000r
    1st Place Profile Picture - 3000r

    Slimes (Minecraft ones :D)
    My name on it :)
    Me on it (Optional)
    Your name on it (Optional)
    Colour - Slime Greens :)

    Profile Picture 250x250
    Banner/Channel Art 2560x1440


    Please PM me with your Entry :D
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  2. What do you want in it? This isn't really specific what type of charaters, logos, or themes and colors?

    Look at mine for example.
  3. Sorry, Ill make it a bit more clear
  4. PM me, I'll make you one.
  5. I would enter but the drawings I make are the wrong size for things like this
  6. Do you know when the deadline is? I would be glad to make one for you.
  7. Oh deadline, sorry, Im really good at this.
  8. Is the "10" the day or the month?
  9. Whaa! I have no talent in art! :(

    That's why I am not taking art class.
  10. May I also know the size of a youtube banner?
  11. 10th is the day, sizes are up there but 2560x1440 for the banner :)