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  1. I was wondering if some more contact info could be added on the forums like xfire and other applications people use like steam if there are any more then can people say them and if its possible could a admin maybe add these if its okay :) it doesn't seem like to much effort

    Thanks in advance sagem4tt :)
  2. You do have a signature box. ;)
  3. I know i have a sig box but thats not the place for contact info :D and when my store it fully set up thats what will be going as my sig
  4. Justin can probably look into some xenforo mods after he's done with the 1.2 updates. It's possible they have one that might fit with our setup.
  5. Sounds good cheers krib :)
  6. On a lot of sites I'll just use this
    then you take the bbcode one and replace the url for the steamcard site with the url to your steam profile.
    I'll use mine as an example:

    makes a great siggy
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  7. Now that kids, is a perfect ID card for games :D
  8. Yeah its the NXE style near the bottom of the list.