Constructing the Lost City of Atlantis

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  1. Hi. This is ThereRnoBirds. I live at smp6. I used to live at smp2, but I moved to smp6. I live next to the shop, at /v 12046. I'm constructing a replica of what I think Atlantis looks like. I was inspired by a movie I just saw. Also, if you come visit, you can see my This is Sparta Kicking Pit. I'm taking donations, and message me if you donate and how much. I'll credit you when I'ts finished. This project is a city, and I've got a lot done already. Thanks for reading. Nyannyannyan.
  2. I can donate some cobble/ smooth stone/ stone bricks.
  3. I have to come look at some point! And i have to look could i donate something.
  4. ok thanks everybody! Its going to be a real in depth city will open air markets, Roman homes, really cool!
  5. I wanna get kicked into that sparta hole XD
  6. THIS... IS...SPARTA!!!!! "kick"
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  7. What do you need?
  8. I can donate cactus, or wood. Sorry, but all my obsidian is being used for a castle as of yet XD
  9. Mostly sandstone, sand, vines ( I can take care of the vines though) and um... just lots of sandstone really. Thanks
  10. Randomly though, underground there's going to be a sunken castle. Its going to be awesome!
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  11. I'll sell you 2 and a half stacks of sandstone at a discount price of, say 100 rupees for all of it.
  12. I will also sell you some discount sandstone I think I might have around 6 stacks
  13. Thanks! That's enough to build about 4 small homes, or 2 large homes, or 1 market place and some streets and maybe a home! Thanks I have lots of rupees. The bad news is i updated minecraft willingly knowing im giving up emc. I'm waiting for emc to update, but i hope it does soon so i don't lose my residence! I'm going to try and log on from a computer that doesnt have 1.2.
  14. Here is the link to download the 1.1 jar just do in search %appdata% > .minecraft > bin > open minecraft using winrar or 7zip or something like that and then open the downloaded file here and open that using winrar or 7zip after that CTRL + A thats select all and drag all the files over from the download of 1.1 to your 1.2 jar (BTW IM USING WINRAR) after closed both of them launch MC and your back on 1.1
  15. The derelict policy has been stopped :)
  16. Isnt that link sort of illegal?
  17. no not really. its just a way of un updating the version. since its already been purchased theres no harm done. also anyone who hasn't purchased it wont be able to login since they dont have a minecraft accout that has bought the game
  18. no its not illegal in anyway i have done it loads, you own the game so its yours that why you can download mods but EMC and me dont like them
  19. seems kinda complicated but i'll try it.