[CONSOLES] What consoles do you like?

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What video game consoles do you like?

PS4 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Xbox One 11 vote(s) 34.4%
Wii U 8 vote(s) 25.0%
PS Vita 1 vote(s) 3.1%
3DS/3DS XL/New 3DS/New 3DS XL 13 vote(s) 40.6%
Other console (ANY console NOT listed above) 15 vote(s) 46.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I'm wondering what video game consoles EMC likes. Please vote for them above.

    You may choose as many consoles as you like. (But please don't use alts)

  2. PC Master race!

    Besides that I have an ps4 for the exclusives
    And a 3ds cause it has awsome games..
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  3. I like the rare edition of an Xbox called a PC.
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  4. Did you just call the PC an xbox.. Thats a pretty big insult you know..
  5. I do own a Xbox 360, but I still prefer PC. Much cheaper (and better) than any console.
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  6. PCMR! /O/
    PC is my favorite Gaming Machine tho
  7. The original DS and a gamecube. ^u^
  8. Although the race of PC is, after all, the master race, I do enjoy playing some XBox 360 from time to time.
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  9. i have a xbox 360 and i do enjoy that, but PC master race is a given
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  10. Yes I know it is an enormous insult.

  11. I voted for Nintendo consoles (excluding newer models).
    I didn't feel much impressment with the 3DS, but when Nintendo first revealed the Wii U at E3 2011, I got overly excited. It was the new Wii to me: high-definition, Wii Remote support, TV control function, touch screen on controller, off-TV play.
    All of this made the Wii U a drastic improvement from the original Wii. However, it has failed to sell as much as the Wii which shocked Nintendo and me. There are many confirmed causes for this and others that remain as guesses.

    *Price: When released in 2012, the X-Box One and Playerstation 4 weren't released yet, making the Wii U the most expensive console at the time.

    *Lack of Games: About 23 launched titles were expected for the Wii U. However, about half of them were either canceled or delayed before the console's release. Seeing from its status, many game developers likely saw it unprofitable despite the potential of its controller.
    Furthermore, most of the planned Wii U games known so far are first-party titles.

    The console name Wii U comes from the words "we" and "you" in the form of an onomatopoeia. The very minimal differences between the names "Wii" and "Wii U" may have confused consumers. Some may have thought of the Wii U being just a newer model of the Wii and therefore part of the seventh generation.
    There may have been a similar misconception between the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, and Nintendo New 3DS.

    Fun Fact: I once disliked people using "u" instead of "you" for the sake of fast communication because of the Wii U.;)

    *Market Withdraws:
    Video game consoles have existed for over 40 years, and has been one of the biggest and most profitable markets in the video game industry. However, consumers are starting to lose interest in consoles and moving on to mobile and PC games.
    Nintendo has tried to react to this change by introducing Freemium games for the 3DS which may open competition with companies like Apple and Google. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have also allowed consumers to buy games in the form of downloading them from an online shop. Apparently, Nintendo's anticipation for getting mostly sales via the E-Shops wasn't true. When a popular game, like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was released, retailers and Nintendo themselves would be lacking stocks of physical copies to meet consumer demands.

    It may be effective at a business standpoint to make money via virtual products, but if you perhaps lose your 3DS, all of your work regarding games would be gone too. This can be especially a horrible case with Gamefreak's Pokemon games.

    Overall, I think the Wii U is a very well-made Nintendo console and Nintendo's game developers have made several remarkable first-party titles, like they have almost always done. But, it didn't get the attention for third-party developers to support it.
  12. My original favorite was the N64, but nowadays I play my Wii U, Nintendo sure has gone a loong way...
  13. Mattel Electronics Presents...
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  14. PS2, only because of its cheap games and place in my heart c:
    It's extremely outdated, but it introduced me to video games. Star wars battlefront II, still the best FPS I've played.