Considering buying an upgrade

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  1. Considering buying an upgrade... One question: Can it be easily cancelled? Or are there problems involved?
  2. It can be cancelled with one click, a button will show up on the top of the upgrades page once you upgrade :)
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  3. Thank you for supporting!
  4. this reminds me . .
  5. Can I buy a one month upgrade (i.e. can I just have the upgrade for one month)? Will my credit card be debited automatically every month? What other options are there besides paying with credit card? What happens to the items I get during the upgrade? Will I lose all my items once I decide to cancel?
  6. To do a one-month upgrade, just cancel it before the month is up (Which could be immediately after purchasing, mind.) and it'll run its course and not renew. You can pay with your bank account if you link your paypal up to it, and everything you obtain while you are a supporter will remain indefinitely excluding your extra residence(s) which would only exist for a theoretical 10-day grace period.