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  1. So i was playing on smp7 a little while ago but then i logged off. So when i come back it says "Connection Lost: Response Code: 502 " and some other stuff like that. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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  3. Is yours also down? and how long do you think it will be like this?
  4. its anooying it just happend to me! :mad:
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  5. o,o... I just started a convo with Shaun and ICC asking if I was banned because I was just on and closed MC to do something and reloaded to check on something and started getting the 502 error..
  6. ok so has anyone got any idea what is going on! is it just a minecraft-being-reset-or-changed thing and if so how long will it be like this!
  7. Methinks Lord Herobrine got to the login server.. Because we usually have warnings on upcoming game updates and they do a prerelease jar prior to release, usually..
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  8. ok so thx for that tip but when i click on it it just says 502 Bad Gateway.... is thats what its meant to say and if so what does that mean!?
  9. ok what does lord herborine mean? my brain isnt working right now srry if it should be or if i should know this....
  10. Lord Herobrine is something that Notch uses to scare people in Minecraft.. The rumor is it is the ghost of his late brother that haunts the programming of Minecraft and follows players around.
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  11. um ok now people are saying that its an update that they manage to sneak up on everyone and idk what that has to do with shutting down servers but ok im not good at computers so whatever you say
  12. It is not an update! thats all lol
  13. Mebbe Lord Herobrine is patching himself back into the game.. :3
  14. oh thank god i dont want another update i just got a really cool singplayer mod which took forever to install! yay so approximately how long before it is bak up? srry if this has already been asked?
  15. I can log in just fine?
  16. Elizabella CHILL. Just calm down. It will sort itself out.

    The servers aren't shut down. See?

    Earlier there was a server restart but that happens every now and then

    I can't open the link above but:

  17. working now you can log onto the servers
  18. yAy! ALL hail scarligmionr :p