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    Another thing:
    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
    Average of 2 hours each day, i can't access from any browser..

    This are the two issues i need fixed :p
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  2. Sounds like something with your ISP. You must be trying to use it during peak hours.
  3. ISP
    would be great if this issue can be fixed.
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    back on EMC!
    now, the Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to problem ?
  5. What's going on with the hostname, Justin? :p On saturday I couldn't access the site for 16 hours, and then I went to sleep and I could connect - just with issues every now and again with the site ever since.

    Don't know about the in-game issue though :s
  6. is it just smp1 or is it others
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    or not
    only smp1 is being slow and unavailable
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  8. That's weird... I thought SMP9 was the buggy server not SMP1 :p.
  9. No, utopia handles everything on EMC, as it rarely has users online. THAT is the ultimate buggy server, that SMP9 cries 'I want mummy' to.
  10. Isnt SMP9 and Utopia hosted on the same hardware? so thats why they are both so buggy, perhaps.
  11. Yup. And, they apparently store server crash reports, but I don't see why stage can do this?
  12. idk. Maybe they will get a new server for smp9 and utopia to be hosted on... justin will probably do that soon.
  13. Guys I know how to fix this.
    first of all it has to do something with your ISP flipping you off. lol jk but this is what i've gathered.
    All of this data is supposed to be in past tense.

    I cannot connect to specific websites at all using my internet.
    On my iPhone if i turn wifi off i can load the specific websites.

    My Solution: Got a New Modem and Router and also called my ISP to tell them to set me up a static IP and allow access on al ports.
  14. Well, this thread derailed fast. I have no clue. When I have trouble connecting I restart my computer, but that's my internet.