Congratulations Bloodra1n!

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  1. Today, I saw that bloodra1n has been appointed moderator! He told me it just happened today! Congratz boodra1n!
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  2. bloodra1n, some stay dry while others feel the pain, bloodra1n
  3. *watching this now*

    I will try to help any player who needs help; I'll run events, overall try to improve the EMC-experience and share that experience with the world. I am thankful for the appreciation and that I was chosen to help out on EMC.

    We'll have lots of fun. My first day of Green was an absolute blast. I hope you guys liked the MA that I just ran with RainbowChin, and more events will come soon :)
  4. Congratulations, may the road ahead of you be paved with diamond. :)
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  5. Congratulations bloodra1n! Good to see another SMP4er as a mod. I'm sure you'll do a great job. :D
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