[CONEST]Red Alert 3: Uprising - GIVE AWAY

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  1. Hello EMC-ians!

    I've got another game to give away this time!

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising (for Origin)

    What do I have to do to earn this game?
    Simple, describe EMC in a sentence. 5 to 10 words.

    When will this contest end?
    Sunday, 25th of August, 10:00 GMT+1

    I will pick the most original entry and send the code your way
  2. Emc is the best you can find. Find your way though the adventures and tasks which you desire. This is Emc. And Only Emc.
  3. Does this work for Mac? Clueless about this sort of thing :p

    Economically Mastering Pointless Ideas. Rupees Encourage Money Competition.

    You see what I did there - EMPIREMC ;)
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  4. EMC has the best staff and community on the internet.
  5. EMC is friendly, energetic, amazing, mature, epic, and last but not least FUN.
  6. EMC is fun, a good community, The best staff you could possibly have :D
  7. I love how all the above are more than 10 words, which was the limit :p

    Here's mine: Cows throwing dragon eggs at an epic hamster
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  8. Hey jack! Mine is 7 words!
  9. I counted 13 ^_^
  10. Entry:
    Empire Minecraft is home, before, I was a server jumper.


    All over the 10 word limit...
  11. EMC: Best servers for living in a minecraft town/wild community.
    PS: Amazing builders like this awesome guy who builds masterpieces named Eclipsys also make their virtual home here.
  12. Mine is SEVEN WORDS can't you people read!
  13. Can I have the game now? :3
  14. That is 11 words :p
  15. Do I really have to do this..
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  16. EMC isn't a word ;) it's an amazing place to build stuff and adventure. (This doesn't count, does it?)
  17. Second entry: Me ;)
  18. EMC is a place to relax and enjoy life.
  19. I looked up the game o_o suspicious......
  20. bumpzerbump